How this Blog Works internally

Just a few notes how my blog works internally.

Flask Server

The blog backend is written in Flask, a rather minimalist web framework in Python. As there are no users here, I don't need any authorization. I do not have a database backend. Anything I need is available via Web APIs.


I write my posts in Markdown. To parse them and display them as HTML, I use the markdown2 Python package, which supports a few extras compared to Vanilla markdown, but is also still rather basic. Still, the parser is very fast and reliable.

Some Custom Stuff

I have added a few functionalities, e.g.

GitLab CI

Publishing new posts works like a charm thanks to GitLab's awesome CI functionalities. Every time I push to my blog repository, it automatically deploys everything to my webspace and restarts the web service. This way, I do not need any edit functionalities in my blog, can quickly experiment with new features on my development machine (without breaking production) and always have a backup and history. If that isn't awesome, nothing is.